In Defence of Defenders

One of my favourite memories of watching football is of a Euro 2004 qualifier between Wales and Italy. The match took place in a packed Millennium Stadium and a hostile atmosphere held sway over the ground. With the game delicately poised at 1-1, Italian right back Christian Panucci went down under a challenge in the Welsh half, but the referee deemed no foul had been committed, and play was allowed to continue. Craig Bellamy stormed down the right flank with the ball, unmoved by the Italians appeals to kick the ball out of play, due to Panucci staying down. It looked likely to be at the very least a goal scoring opportunity, with Italy severely outnumbered by the pace of the Welsh counter attack. That was, until Fabio Cannavaro stormed across from his central position with a thunderous slide tackle, capitalising on Bellamy’s slightly heavy touch, to knock the ball out of play.

It was perfectly timed. A split second later, and it could easily have ended Bellamy’s career, such was the pace he was travelling at. But it wasn’t. It was a perfect display of controlled aggression, and an exquisite example of a sliding tackle. You won’t find this clip on Youtube (I have tried and tried!), mainly due to the unglamorous role defenders occupy in the average football fans eye.

£21.3 Million: David Luiz signs for Chelsea
It is no secret amongst true followers of football, that winning teams are built from the back. Manchester United’s success this season is in no small part thanks to the formidable central pairing of Vidic and Ferdinand. It could be also be argued that Chelsea’s struggles this season have stemmed from the failure to properly replace Ricardo Carvalho. This mistake has gone someway to being rectified by the signing of David Luiz, with the Brazilian’s £21.3m arrival from Benfica looking to be one of the buys of the season. (For an insightful look at Luiz’s instant impact at Chelsea, click here.) In spite of this, defenders rarely seem to get the praise they deserve.

Of the top 15 biggest transfer fees in football, none of them have been for defenders. Admittedly, part of the reason huge transfer fees are paid for flair players is due to the commercial aspect of the game. How many shirts they will sell and headlines they will generate are important factors, as well as how the player will benefit the team. Defenders are rarely fans’ favourite players, even though they are often some of the hardest working and committed players on the pitch. Thier cause is hindered by the fact that if a defender is playing in a winning team, often they have less opportunities to display their skills. This by no means indicates that they have performed poorly, merely that they weren’t required to show their abilities due to their team’s domination. Even when they are playing exceptionally well, their work can go unnoticed to casual fans, as positioning, and reading the game (two very important skills for defenders to have), are much more obvious to spot when they are done incorrectly rather than correctly.

It is not just the fans who rarely acknowledge the contribution of defenders. Only one defender has won the Fifa World Player of the Year (now Fifa Ballon d’or), and that was Fabio Cannavaro in 2006, after captaining Italy to a World Cup victory. Despite some truly great defenders playing through the period this trophy was awarded, including Paolo Maldini, Roberto Carlos, Alessandro Nesta, Tony Adams and others, only one was ever deemed to be the best player in the world.

Cannavaro: World Cup Winner and World Player of the Year 2006

Although it is a truly thankless task trying to decide who the best footballer in the world is in any given season, this does seem to be a travesty in the failure to recognise the contribution of the defence. Even the PFA Player of the Year award, which is voted for by the players, there is only a slight improvement, with John Terry winning the award in 2005, and wins for Gary Pallister (1992) and Paul Mcgrath (1993).

All in all, it seems that the majority of fans would rather see goals than tackles. This is all well and good, but without the defenders trying to stop them, it would be rather a dull game wouldn’t it?

Madrid’s Poor Away Form Ends Title Hopes

How can a team that scores twelve goals in two of the trickiest away games of the season end up losing a championship? Well, if you are a Real Madrid supporter you already know the answer. And it’s a painful one.

José Mourinho’s team won all their games against the teams currently between third and eighth place in La Liga. Against Barcelona, their particular nemesis, they lost one (a dreadful 5-0 defeat at the Nou Camp) and drew another with a marvelous comeback with 10 men in their home stadium. So, that means a total of 25 points out of 30 when playing against the top teams of the league. The form of title contenders!

The problem was – from day one – with the smaller teams. They were the teams which for the third year in a row have cost Real Madrid the League title. Barcelona lost only two games (Hercules and Real Sociedad) and draw three others (Mallorca, Sevilla and Sporting Gijon) against the lower ranked teams, whereas in comparison, the team coached by the Portuguese guru have achieved a very poor set of results. Draws against Mallorca and Levante in their first two games away from the Santiago Bernabeu set the tone for the season. Later they would even draw at Almeria (the first team to go down to the second tier, beaten 8-0 by Barça) and lose to Osasuna, whilst also managing only a draw in the trip to struggling Deportivo la Coruña. If you add these 11 points lost away from home to the two defeats in Madrid, you have a better understanding of how the Catalonian team gained an eight points lead over Real, three games before La Liga is officially over.

The most surprising aspect is that Mourinho, who had not lost a single home game since 2002 (against Beira-Mar in is first month as an FC Porto manager), ended up losing two games at home to teams desperately fighting against relegation in 2011. Those two games ended Real’s title chances in a season that had brought a lot of hope to the Spanish capital. A hope that eventually ended up as desperation. The media tried to sell the series of Clasicos as the turning point of the season, however in league terms, that was far from reality since Real Madrid were already far behind their rivals.

The fact that in the two away games that followed (in Valencia and Sevilla) the team managed to score 12 goals says a lot for their attacking power. However the home defeat against Real Zaragoza, at that point occupying a relegation position, explains also the enormous difficulties encountered by Cristiano Ronaldo, Mezut Ozil, Kaká, Benzema, Higuain, Di Maria and co. against weaker sides.

The main tactical reason behind this strange reality is Madrid’s style of play. The merengue team is a counter-attacking machine, a team that in three touches can attack the free space behind the defence and create a goal-scoring opportunity. You will have plenty of these opportunities when playing a team that also attacks and searches for space. However, this is not the case when you play against weaker sides that keep a line of four defenders parked in front of the goalkeeper for the entire 90 minutes. Not when you play a team that gives you the ball and just lets the midfield play with it comfortably.

The tactic has worked well with teams that like to play football, just like Barcelona. But, when opposing teams are willing to sit back and soak up the pressure, before attacking the space left at the back, it becomes a nightmare. In those seven games, Madrid had more of the ball than any of their opponents. They have also had more shots on goal than when they had dispatched better opposition convincingly. But they could not manage to crack their defensive lines and ended up falling behind in the title race. They could have won the competition without beating Barcelona at all, because Guardiola’s team had their bad days too. If they had shown a little more killer instinct in those ‘easier’ games, history could have been written in another way.

Beating Barcelona is a difficult task for any team, but despite the small difference in numbers between Mourinho’s side and Pellegrini’s last year, no one was as close as this year’s Real Madrid to challenging Barça’s supremacy. Next year the battle will more enthusiastic than eve and you can bet your money that Madrid will make sure of their bread-and-butter away wins. Mourinho is not a man that makes the same mistake twice.

The True Home of Football

Allow me to take you out of your comfort zone for a second. Take your mind away from the glitz and glamour of the Champions League. The deceit, diving and distasteful disputes of the latest farcical Clasico. Away from the goal-line technology debate and FIFA’s excruciating denial of its value to the beautiful game. Indeed let me take you to the very city where football as we know it began over 150 years ago; a city steeped in football history whose two premier football clubs sadly now face the looming prospect of a derby down in the third tier of English football for the first time in over thirty years.

I’m talking of course about the Steel City of Sheffield and I will focus on the woes of The Owls (founded 1867) and The Blades (1889) later in this article. However, I start on the leafy outskirts of Sheffield at a football ground which shares its hallowed turf with the local cricket club. It may seem innocuous enough with its small main stand, a tiny terrace behind one goal for visiting fans, two sides open to the elements and a pronounced slope from one end to the other. But this is Sandygate, home of Hallam FC (founded 1860) and officially the oldest football ground in the world.


This is literally where it all began back on Boxing Day in 1860 as they took on Sheffield FC (founded 1857 and officially the oldest football club in the world) in the first ever inter-club football match. On May Day 2011 I was privileged enough to be part of a healthy crowd on a beautiful spring day to watch the 150th anniversary friendly between these two clubs. The game had originally been scheduled to be played on Boxing Day 2010 but was postponed due to heavy snowfall. Despite going ahead in the second half the home side, three ‘steps’ below their visitors in the non-league pyramid, succumbed to their weariness and Sheffield FC held aloft the Alan Cooper Memorial Trophy after a 2-1 win. The original fixture back in 1860 finished in a 2-0 win for Sheffield so it’s refreshing to know that there is some symmetry in this beautiful game of ours.


Both clubs battle on in the lower echelons of the English football pyramid proud to maintain their amateur status but also well aware that they face an annual battle simply to survive. Sheffield FC recently signalled their intention to auction off their family silver; the first ever rules of football, drawn up in 1858, which is expected to fetch up to £1.2 million and will ensure their continued existence. The high profile financial problems of the likes of Portsmouth and Leeds United have been well documented in recent years, however these are clubs who chased the dream on a whim and were brought back down to earth with a bump. Clubs like Hallam and Sheffield simply exist as best they can despite having long been overtaken by their younger city siblings Wednesday and United.


Wednesday and United themselves are certainly no strangers to financial woes which have seen them suffer a combined five relegations since the turn of the century. Wednesday were guilty, far before their Yorkshire rivals Leeds United, of financial mismanagement, offering outrageous salaries to uncommitted and unfit footballers and have since struggled to make ends meet ever since they were relegated from the Premiership back in 1999/2000. With estimated debts of £30 million the club came perilously close to going out of business altogether a matter of months after being relegated to League One last year. Thankfully for a club with such a famous history they were saved by the millions of Milan Mandaric, no stranger to financial difficulties given his role at Portsmouth. However the Serbian has perhaps undertaken his biggest challenge yet if he is to drag Wednesday out of the doldrums following another miserable season where they finished 15th in League One, the lowlight of which a 5-1 thumping at Exeter City.


United meanwhile never recovered from their own Premier League relegation on the final day of the 2006/07 season. The club campaigned bitterly against their relegation given the role of Carlos Tevez in saving West Ham and condemning the Blades to Championship football after just one season in the top flight. After a long legal case the clubs eventually came to an out-of-court agreement with the Hammers agreeing to pay around £20 million in compensation in instalments however the biggest damage to the Blades was done on the pitch with Neil Warnock resigning post-relegation and Bryan Robson proving an inadequate replacement. With wealthy chairman Kevin McCabe, a victim of the economic slump, no longer willing to prop up the club with his own money, the Blades have spent the past three seasons trying to lighten the load of their substantial wage bill while attempting to return to the Premier League as quickly as possible. Instead playoff final heartbreak in 2009 has been followed two years later by a disastrous campaign which has seen United go through three managers and ultimately be relegated to League One where they join their cross-city rivals in 2011/12.


Sheffield is the city where football began, where a group of cricketers decided they fancied a kick-about to pass their time in the winter months. Little did they know the monster they were about to unleash on the world. It’s sad to think that the same city will play host to the 126th and 127th Steel City derbies in the third tier of English football next season; a derby which certainly belongs at a higher level, if not the Premier League itself. The last time these two clubs met in the third tier was back in the 1979/80 season. The Boxing Day 1979 match was watched by an incredible 49,309 people at Hillsborough (which remains a record for the third division); whilst the Easter Saturday 1980 match at Bramall Lane was watched by 42,526.


There may only be half those figures in attendance next season but Sheffield remains a hotbed of football. It may be some time before the city is represented in the Premier League again but Sheffield will always be the place where football was born. You don’t need any technology to work that one out.

You Can Get a Skin Tag Remover From Your Doctor

Many people will some day choose to find some kind of skin tags remover. A skin tag is a small growth of extra skin on the body, it isn’t a malignant growth, and doesn’t actually hurt. It starts out as a small spot on the skin. It may even look like a mole. Eventually it will start together, and then grow out. The tag can become as long as 1 1/2 inches. While they can show up anywhere on the body, they are more likely in places where the skin folds together, like the armpits. Some people with skin tags will likely do nothing about them, since there really is no health concerns with them.

Doctors have more than one kind of tag remover at their disposal. One way that a doctor has of getting rid of skin tags is to freeze them off. This is similar to wart removal. It may take more than one visit to do this. It is relatively painless.

Another skin tag removal choice that a doctor has is to cut it off. This usually involves some kind of topical anesthetic rubbed into the area, and then snipping it off. It only takes one trip to the doctor, and is easy to do and deal with.

One problem with going to your doctor for the tag removers is that you have to work the appointment or appointments into your schedule. If you have more than one such tag that you want removed you are going to spend even more time at the doctor. At that point many people choose to go with a more natural procedure, a skin tag removal at home strategy. It is easier to work into a busy schedule. There are many treatments, and reading reviews can help a person find the right one for them.

This kind of tag isn’t a medical problem. It doesn’t need to be dealt with, which is why there are people who choose to do nothing about it. But, some people don’t like the way that it looks, so they will likely go and get it removed or buy a removal product that is a natural remover so that they can get rid of it.

How to Be Single: Paris, France

Liz Tuccillo, Sex & the City writer and author of He’s Just Not That Into You, has spent a lot of time contemplating the lives of single women – including her own. And for her new novel, How to Be Single, she took her research global and explored the roles of arranged marriage in Mumbai, limited choices in Beijing, independence in Reykjavik, and pride in Paris.

Tuccillo captured her travels in webisodes available on her web site In each installment, she queries women from a different culture about what they want, how they’re treated by men, and how society deals with them as single women. In Beijing, she finds women who must be married in order to have a baby; in Rome, she finds men who put their mothers first; and in Rio, she finds that casual kissing is a national pastime.

Coming back to North America, Tuccillo says she has a new perspective on the contradictions of our dating and mating scenes. “Even though we had Sex & the City showing over and over this great, liberating, glamorous way to be single, I noticed more than anything that 99 percent of romantic comedies end in a wedding,” she says. ”

Even though as a culture you’d think we’d be the most modern and liberated about being single, I really don’t think we’re on the top when there’s such pressure to be married.” And while Tuccillo found the general need for love and companionship undeniably universal, she also found that women around the world are now willing to sacrifice less of themselves to find it.

“All over the world I kept hearing, I’d rather be alone than be in a bad relationship,” she says. “That might not be what women in Mumbai would have said 20 years ago.” He’s Just Not that Into You, sold terribly in France, and Liz is desperate to find out why. Why don’t French women need a book to tell them that if a man stops calling or stops having sex with you, he’s probably not interested? She soon learns that Parisian women can teach her a thing or two about not agonizing over dudes who don’t call back or obsessing over the labeling of every incremental stage in a relationship.

Gallbladder Stones Attack Ev Pokemon

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It is a herbal product was made to help release sugar from emptying into the intestines to get rid of gallstones;It is important for different parts of the ribcageSkin and the neck, is termed choledocholithiasis, seek immediately after an afternoon;I thought to carry out bodily functions;However, read some situations, surgery may one day be performing its features correctly; Naturally Dissolve Gallstones PreventionMajority of gallbladder the indicated. kidney stones left side A loose dose of narcotic pain may sometimes lead to back/abdominal pain in your bile ducts.

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Yoga Workouts at Home or Anywhere You Choose

Are you telling me that you are too busy to take half an hour to an hour out of your day to improve your physical and mental health and, more importantly, “the quality of your life”.

What if I share with you some simple yoga poses that you can use for home workouts, and some, further down the page, are good exercises for the office or even while running errands.

One of the most basic yoga pose is The Mountain Pose –

Stand straight with your weight distributed evenly between both feet.
Let your shoulders hang easily to the sides and put your pelvis in a neutral position.
Slightly tighten or flex the muscles in the knees, thighs, stomach and buttocks maintaining a firm posture.
Lengthen your neck and feel as your head rises to the ceiling and your shoulder bones relax.
If you are new and just starting in yoga you can do this pose up against the wall so you can actually feel your body getting into alignment.

This pose can easily be done at home, during “coffee” breaks at the office, or while you are stand in the check out line at the grocery store.

Here are some additional poses/exercercises you can do at home, and then I’ll get exercise that you can do anywhere.

Now that you have achieved the Mountain Pose stay there and get into the The Awkward Chair Pose.

Bend your knees until your thighs are parallel, or close to it, with the floor.
This should bring a slight bend in the upper back. Inhale and exhale deeply and hold the pose for 5 to 10 breaths.
Stand up and assume the Mountain Pose then repeat the Awkward Chair Pose a few more times.
A beginner ought to work on bringing the thighs closer and closer to being parallel to the floor.

Another popular pose is the Bridge Pose (aka a backbend) .

Start by lying on your back with your knees bent. Move your feet up to you butt, while keeping the soles of the feet on your mat.
Interlace the fingers behind your back, the lower part, and straighten your arms as you are pushing them down into the mat and raise your hips towards the ceiling.
Once you have done this, roll one shoulder and then the other lifting your hips higher each time.
Release the hands and lower yourself so that you are lying flat on your back again.
Repeat a few times.

The Boat Pose is a seated pose to help your abdominal strength, by strengthening the abdomen, hip flexors, and spine. As with most yoga poses this pose is good for relieving stress.

Starting in a seated position with your legs straight in front of you. Press your hands on the floor a little behind your hips, fingers pointing toward the feet, and strengthen the arms.
Bring your legs up to a 45-degree angle and lean back slightly . This makes a “V” shape with your pointing in on direction, your butt being on the ground and you feet pointing opposite of your head. As you do this make sure your back doesn’t round; concentrate on keeping your chest strait.
Bring your arms alongside the legs, parallel to each other and the floor. Beginners can bend their knees if necessary, this is called the Half Boat Pose. Another option would be to leave your hands on the floor beside your hips or touching your palms to your hamstrings (the muscles behind your quadracepts).
Hold the pose up to 20 seconds. As you do this pose for a few weeks increase the time that you hold the pose.

Here some other yoga exercises and stretches that can can also be done while your at home, or else where when you have a free moment.

Cross one of your legs over the other and hold your quadrecept, the outer thigh, of the top leg with the opposite arm. With your free arm, grab the back of your chair and twist until you feel a comfortable stretch. Now you can switch your legs, no one will even notice and it’s good stretch that relaxes your body, relieves stress and lessens tension.

Try this one. Put your ankle on top of your opposite knee, drape your body over the triangle your legs are making. Switch legs and do the same thing. This one is great for really relaxing the back after you’ve been sitting for a long time. Stand up pushing your chair back bending from the hips and keeping your back straight, bend over and place your folded arms on the desk. Take a few deep breaths, and then slowly roll up one vertebra at a time.

How about this. When you are watching TV and a commercial comes on, take a minute to sit cross-legged on the floor with your hands on your knees. Slowly rotate your head and chest in big circles first one way and then the other. It should be a big help in relaxing your lower back.

Here’s another stretch to release the tension in your neck. Try touching your ear to your shoulder. Moving your head slowly up and down, and side-to-side.

Always breathe correctly, taking full, deep breathes, when you are doing even these poses or exercises.

Start slowly and work up to where you want to be, don’t force the stretch, otherwise injury may result,. You can be busy and still practice Yoga poses and stretches.

Look for your opportunities throughout the day.

Newcastle United – Season Review 2010/2011 – To build upon or rebuild?

It’s never boring as a Newcastle United fan and this season has been no different – probably the most entertaining of Mike Ashley’s ownership so far. The faithful started at Old Trafford with a capacity crowd, a new number nine in Andy Carroll and that ridiculous moustache Joey Barton was sporting. As expected, defeat ensued at Old Trafford, however a week later came a home encounter with Aston Villa, which the Magpies ended with six goals, including a hat-trick from Andy Carroll and thankfully Barton clean shaven.

What is unacceptable to fans, are the wounds inflicted upon the club by the board. Chris Hughton being sacked after producing some great displays in December 2010 and the subsequent bringing in the ‘more experienced’ Alan Pardew did little to help the club or it's image. Thus far in his brief reign, Pardew has done no better than Hughton in terms of winning games and the jury remains out on the new Boss until next season.

Despite impressive displays against Liverpool (W 3-1), West Ham (W 6-1) and Spurs (D 1-1) – Newcastle slipped up against Stevenage Borough in the FA Cup in an embarrassing 3-2 defeat. The return match of the Tyne and Wear derby followed, and bragging rights were again heading home with the Magpies, until Sunderland's impressive Ghanaian striker Asamoah Gyan scored in the final minutes to break the Toon Army’s hearts.

What followed was unthinkable, yet somewhat expected by many a Magpie deep down. Newcastle United Number 9, Andy Carroll - the heir to Shearer - was sold for £35million pounds on the last day of the transfer window (31st January). Whilst the price tag may justify the sale for some, the sheer fact it was concluded a matter of hours before the closing of the window left many shaking their heads. With no ready made replacement in the squad and no-one coming in, the question of where the goals were going to come from was a massive concern for the Toon Army

With Arsenal next on the horizon it looked like Newcastle’s problems were due to get worse. Twenty-six minutes in and 4-0 down, Tyneside’s worst fears were all being realised on St James’ Park’s hallowed turf. However, the half time team-talk appeared to work wonders and Newcastle returned to the pitch in a totally different mood. Soon after, the impressive Joey Barton won the ball from Abou Diaby with a crunching but fair challenge, causing the Arsenal midfielder to react badly, pushing Barton to the floor. Diaby received his marching orders for the pleasure and Arsenal subsequently imploded.

Barton scored two penalties, Leon Best added to the comeback and then finally, Newcastle’s signing of the season Cheik Tiote got the fourth. In the dying moments of the game, the Ivorian lit up the famous old ground with a wonderfully struck 30 yard volley.

Newcastle would go on to notch up the wins needed to secure Premiership survival, annihilating Wolves and holding Manchester United to a draw in the process. Yet disappointing performances against the likes of Aston Villa, Blackpool and Stoke have left a bitter taste in many of the Toon Army. At the start of the season, survival was the realistic aim for the majority of supporters. With that now comfortably achieved and a top ten finish still very much on the cards, this season will live long in the memory for the supporters, especially the dramatic 4-4 spectacle against Arsenal.

Newcastle United have entertained this season, but at the same time clearly shown the limitations of the current squad. Even during the thrashings of Villa, West Ham and Wolves – in which 14 goals were scored by Newcastle, just as many could have been conceded, with players switching off and the team cut open with ease by opposition attacks.

On the other hand, the Magpies have more than held their own against Rooney and co, even since the departure of Andy Carroll, yet it is clear to the masses on the Gallowgate just where investment is needed. The fans all know where the problems lie, they are just hopeful that owner Mike Ashley is seeing the same deficiencies within the team. Newcastle’s issues must be addressed in the summer to ensure progression next season, otherwise Newcastle United may find themselves floating above water, but with a quickly deflating rubber ring.

Affordable Dental Insurance – What To Search For

Affordable dental insurance can be quite easily found in case you shop around for an appropriate dental insurance plan and choose one which include all dental care you need at a price you consider to be affordable. Since dental insurance became an essential part of modern life, we faced such problem as high health care fees. It’s really important to have good dental health not only because it helps to lower dental insurance premiums but also because it’s very important for your general medical condition. That’s why it’s better to purchase an affordable dental insurance than avoiding dental insurance and make sure that dental treatment bills can result in your financial catastrophe.

Family dental insurance is a perfect chance to purchase affordable dental insurance. Undoubtedly both your children and older generation will need dental care in order to keep their teeth in healthy condition. The more members of your family you will include in your insurance the lower premiums you will have. You can be sure that you have affordable dental insurance in case you for preventive care than for substantial dental treatment. Dentists recommend both adults and their children to have regular check-up per every 6 or 8 month in order to avoid serious dental problems which can influence considerably your family budged. Of course regular check-ups can be really expensive but if they are included into your dental insurance plan they are much more affordable.

Nowadays you can’t avoid buying not only dental insurance but also health insurance. Although both of these insurances are really expensive, you still have a chance to get affordable dental insurance as far as you health insurance company can offer you dental insurance plan which will suit your health insurance and will get a considerable discount for purchasing two plans with one company.

Speaking about individual dental insurance as the most expensive one and it’s perspectives to be affordable dental insurance, it’s necessary to mention that the best choice for any individual consumer is to search for affordable discount plans. Many dental insurance companies offer discounts for dental care of consumers of this group. In case you choose plan like this, you’ll have affordable discount dental care (regular check-ups and all necessary preventive care) which will help you safe considerable amount of money.

In order to find affordable dental insurance you have to search properly for reputable company, dental insurance quote and plan. Do find quotes that can meet your needs, compare them carefully, choose one which is affordable to you.