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Yoga Workouts at Home or Anywhere You Choose

Are you telling me that you are too busy to take half an hour to an hour out of your day to improve your physical and mental health and, more importantly, “the quality of your life”. What if I share with you some simple yoga poses that you can use for home workouts, and some,

In Defence of Defenders

One of my favourite memories of watching football is of a Euro 2004 qualifier between Wales and Italy. The match took place in a packed Millennium Stadium and a hostile atmosphere held sway over the ground. With the game delicately poised at 1-1, Italian right back Christian Panucci went down under a challenge in the

Madrid’s Poor Away Form Ends Title Hopes

How can a team that scores twelve goals in two of the trickiest away games of the season end up losing a championship? Well, if you are a Real Madrid supporter you already know the answer. And it’s a painful one. José Mourinho’s team won all their games against the teams currently between third and

Newcastle United – Season Review 2010/2011 – To build upon or rebuild?

It’s never boring as a Newcastle United fan and this season has been no different – probably the most entertaining of Mike Ashley’s ownership so far. The faithful started at Old Trafford with a capacity crowd, a new number nine in Andy Carroll and that ridiculous moustache Joey Barton was sporting. As expected, defeat ensued

The True Home of Football

Allow me to take you out of your comfort zone for a second. Take your mind away from the glitz and glamour of the Champions League. The deceit, diving and distasteful disputes of the latest farcical Clasico. Away from the goal-line technology debate and FIFA’s excruciating denial of its value to the beautiful game. Indeed

Affordable Dental Insurance – What To Search For

Affordable dental insurance can be quite easily found in case you shop around for an appropriate dental insurance plan and choose one which include all dental care you need at a price you consider to be affordable. Since dental insurance became an essential part of modern life, we faced such problem as high health care

You Can Get a Skin Tag Remover From Your Doctor

Many people will some day choose to find some kind of skin tags remover. A skin tag is a small growth of extra skin on the body, it isn’t a malignant growth, and doesn’t actually hurt. It starts out as a small spot on the skin. It may even look like a mole. Eventually it